Affirmations to Help Feng Shui Your Day

Make It Your Own

Feng Shui Your Day by balancing energies evenly. Repeat affirmations with passion and sincerity. Believe that the statements are already true in your life. Watch the Law of Attraction take affect in your life.

Feng Shui Affirmation for Money Wealth Abundance Prosperity

Audio/Visual affirmations are built upon Feng Shui map principles in order to find balance throughout each day. No one area of life takes precedence. Health is as important as wealth; love; spirituality; education; social interactions; work; and play. Find balance, peace, and harmony & Live Life For A Living. Simply Feng Shui Your Day.

Feng Shui Your Day Positive Affirmations for Balance & Harmony :: Ashley’s Rainbow Hearts

Color and shape psychology are utilized to help strengthen the thoughts in the deeper mind. Each feng shui area (bagua) has a color associated to it. Health and healing is green, for example… while legacy, reputation, and character area is a bold red.

Feng Shui Your Day Positive Affirmations for Balance & Harmony :: Bailey’s Flower Garden

Remember to repeat each saying as if it is already true in your life. This intention alerts the Universe to manifest your wishes.

Feng Shui Your Day Positive Affirmations for Balance & Harmony :: Casey’s Ambient Dreamcatcher

Stand up, while listening to and watching these videos. Jump up and down while repeating the mantras. Grab at the air and embrace the magic around you. Move around like a ninja, projecting your power out into the world.



Repeating affirmations is like making a promise to yourself to be great. The more you remind yourself of these positive actions, the more likely you are to make them.

Practice makes perfect! In the beginning, affirmations can seem difficult, because the things you’re saying aren’t exactly true. Stick with it! The more you say these statements, the easier it becomes, and in no time at all, those falsities will come true!


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