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Download the PDF for Robot World Coloring Book for Children and Adults


Introducing “Robot World” Coloring Book for kids! These characters will become part of a children’s interactive series of stories that teach valuable life lessons. Download this collection of robotic characters and print it out as many times as you (or your child) likes for only one dollar!

The downloadable PDF includes 14 different coloring pages and is available exclusively right here. There are nine different robot characters and a rocket ship. The children’s stories (to come) will be loosely based off of ancient Aesop’s fables, but with a futuristic twist.


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Pssstt! Rozine’s working on a novel. Okay, it’s not a very big secret. She has a synopsis below with an excerpt here.

The Watcher's First Novel by Lynnette Rozine Prock

The Watcher’s First Novel by Lynnette Rozine Prock as of February 2014


The next world prophet and bringer of peace, Salma Forashan, is found in NYC by a group of divine spiritual beings, called The Watchers, who speak to her through her dreams. Salma must first learn to love herself before she is able to inspire the world to erase harmful energy that is destroying human-kind. With the protection and support of The Watchers, she is able to find peace, encourage love, and transform paradigms.


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COMING SOON: Prompted Journal Series focused on developing self-awareness for the Eightfold path


My Dreams Matter Prompted Journal Series

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