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Sightseeing From The ...

Sightseeing From The Sky

Picture Yourself Sightseeing From The Sky! One thing nearly every major city offers is helicopter sightseeing tours, but many people are often afraid of flying in a helicopter because they don’t know what to expect. It doesn’t have to be a scary experience, though. What experience is to be had from flying in a helicopter? Helicopters […]

How To Master Self-Actualizat...

How To Master Self-Actualization

Eight Tips to Master Self-Actualization Self-care is essential to living an enjoyable life, but many times, we exert much of our energy towards helping others feel happy and loved. Activities such as making family meals, coordinating celebrations and taking part in extra-curricular activities help us satisfy the basic human need of belonging. As you can see from the graph […]

Friends Are the Family We Choose For Oursel...

Friends Are the Family We Choose For Ourselves

Who Are Your Best Friends? Let’s look closely at the friends we choose. Then, let’s bring it back home and look within -evaluating the choices we’ve made, (yes, please take responsibility), about the company we keep. Making a conscious effort to surround ourselves with inspirational and motivational people has tremendous benefit. Having regular moral and emotional support helps us define […]

Accountability is Necessary for Succ...

Accountability is Necessary for Success

Do You Need An Accountability Partner? Whether with a partner, team or alone, accountability is necessary for the completion of goals. I can make a list of things to do, stare at it for days, and wonder why my goals are left unfinished — or, I can hold myself accountable to taking steps in the direction […]

Unique Expressi...

Unique Expressions

8 Ways to Honor Your Unique Expressions Read through these 8 Ways to Honor Your Unique Expression. Get a clear visual of how you can better honor your unique self. Hold yourself accountable to being an individual. Build self-awareness for times when you may inadvertently go with the crowd. By devoting your time and energy to your […]

Natalie Vartanian Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interv...

Natalie Vartanian Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interview

Natalie Vartanian, ACC, CPCC is a tarot reader, certified life coach, sex, love & relationship expert, teacher, writer, dancer and modern day gypsy! Her mission is to inspire people to dream big and take the risks toward their most fun, free, love and adventure-filled lives — in and out of the bedroom. Her work has […]

Communicate Effectively with Grace and E...

Communicate Effectively with Grace and Ease

8 Ways to Communicate Effectively Have you ever wondered how you would communicate effectively without words or language? Whether human or reptile, I imagine living creatures have always found a way to communicate somewhat effectively. To me, successful communication depends on two factors: giving and receiving … or rather. Like the push-and-pull of a yin yang, communication can be effective, by creating […]

The Importance of a Success T...

The Importance of a Success Team

Are friends and family holding you back… or supporting your dreams? During my childhood, I had very little support from the family members in my broken home. I learned early on to survive by fending for myself. Throughout my teenage and young adult years, I found myself surrounded by self-destructive people who had low self-esteem. Even if […]

Get Clear About The Dreams You Want To Material...

Get Clear About The Dreams You Want To Materialize

Vision Boards Help You Get Clear About Aspirations Do you want help putting together a professional looking vision board? I can assist you! • VISIT my intuitive life coaching page • COMPLETE the survey & purchase the service needed Before leaving or closing the browser window, be sure to click to the end and SUBMIT […]

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