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My Manifestation Mach...

My Manifestation Machine

Yet Another Magical Manifestation! Part of my dream life includes working from my home as a creative being, setting my own hours. I have always been attracted to managing several creative outlets successfully. The obvious manifestation for me has been through graphic design. This blog and my book are a nice compliment to my design […]

How To Manifest Your Dest...

How To Manifest Your Destiny

The First Step To Manifest Anything? Belief. It sounds so easy. Too easy, actually. Really? All one has to do to manifest something is to believe it is possible for it to manifest? How can something as abstract as a belief bring forth a physical manifestation? Let’s first look at the big picture of this wisdom. […]

Mastering Manifest...

Mastering Manifesting

How I Am Successfully Manifesting My Dreams What does it mean to manifest a dream? How does manifesting happen? The technical definition of manifesting is to prove beyond a doubt; or to make clear or evident. To me, that means solidifying something abstract. When I have a creative idea (like My Dreams Matter or Live […]

How To Build Confidence In 5 Easy St...

How To Build Confidence In 5 Easy Steps

Confidence in 5 Easy Steps Confidence is a tricky thing. Too much of it and its arrogance. Too little confidence holds us back from achieving our goals. Having just the right amount of confidence gives us the courage to be or do anything! Confidence affects the way other people perceive us, too. Why would someone […]

Look Within For Answ...

Look Within For Answers

The Answers To Life’s Questions Are Found When We Look Within In order to look within to find answers, we must separate ourselves from external sources of sensory overload (like news, social media, and other people’s opinions). It is common to analyze everything gathered from our senses, especially when we find ourselves lost or confused. […]

Compassion Is Understand...

Compassion Is Understanding

Compassion Only Works With An Open Mind Here I am writing this blog and selling my book that encourages a certain lifestyle. I promote living a life of positive thinking and compassion. I want people to follow their dreams and listen to their instincts. I have discovered some important findings in my own journey that […]

Positive Energy Surrounds...

Positive Energy Surrounds Me

Let Positive Energy Be Your Guide Your dreams matter. They are not only important for your well-being, they can also make a huge difference to the world. Maybe that is why people let fear, doubt and worry distract them from making their dreams come true. It seems like such a huge undertaking to make a […]

Keep Track Of Your Go...

Keep Track Of Your Goals

Tracking Your Goals Is A Powerful Tool For Success (an excerpt from Live Life For A Living) We’ve learned extensively about defining your dreams. You’ve meditated, visualized and repeated affirmations. Where’s the progress? It’s hard to see how far you’ve come if there are never any established goals. You can go on the rest of […]

How To Write Your Own Affirmati...

How To Write Your Own Affirmations

Affirmations Should Speak Personally To You Affirmations can help you develop self esteem and confidence that leads to personal growth. You can change the way you perceive yourself, when you repeat a statement over and over again. This works for both positive and negative statements. By reminding yourself each day how beautiful, great and essential […]

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