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Procrastination Is An En...

Procrastination Is An Enemy

Your Future Needs You. Defeat Procrastination! There is no better time than now to start living your dreams fully. I know, I know. There are a million things holding you back. This person did this to you. Or, that one thing isn’t in your possession yet. These are not valid reasons. I don’t care how […]

Finding Courage, Faith, and Reassura...

Finding Courage, Faith, and Reassurance

How To Remove Fear, Doubt, and Worry Fear can be a powerful deterrent. Doubting can stop us dead in our tracks. Worry fills us with anxiety. Circling endlessly in one place, unable to move forward, fear, doubt, and worry cripple us. Courage, on the other hand, can be a mighty motivator. Trusting that the future is […]

Your Opinion Is The One That Matt...

Your Opinion Is The One That Matters

Do You Give Your Opinion The Respect It Deserves? We all want to be loved, admired, respected, and cared about. It’s a basic human need. This desire encourages communities and families. Being together in a group helps accomplish great deeds. Imagine if one person attempted to build a skyscraper alone, without any help from others. […]

Lesson Lear...

Lesson Learned

The Evolution of our Soul Happens After A Lesson Learned Let’s keep this simple and imagine that I’m baking a cake from scratch. For some reason, every time I follow the recipe exactly, my cake comes out bland and tasteless. I’m not sure why it isn’t coming out right, since I’m following the recipe exactly. […]

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