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Expansion Leads To More Abunda...

Expansion Leads To More Abundance

An Expansion Takes Place When Forward Action Is Taken In a town called Anywhere, USA, lives a farmer named Jack. He has big dreams of expansion, providing his neighbors with delicious apples on a daily basis. He envisions having an abundance of fruit, allowing him to provide apples to every person in the world. It’s […]

Positive Affirmations For Succ...

Positive Affirmations For Success

Repeat Positive Affirmations For Success To Build Confidence Today I invite you to say yes to your bed-of-roses by repeating positive affirmations for success. Allow happiness, prosperity, and abundance to flourish in your life by believing in your right to experience these things. Bring an awareness into your heart, highlighting your true-calling and purpose. Keep […]

Expanding Horiz...

Expanding Horizons

Learn how taking risks and expanding horizons can help manifest all dreams come true. Take a deep breath in and let it completely fill your lungs. Allow the fresh oxygen within you to reach your heart space before exhaling and letting go. Now, imagine a place that you want to be in your life; or […]

Live Purposefu...

Live Purposefully

Do Away With Blind Submission; Live Purposefully! Last week, I had an appointment to drop off my three books at a cute little boutique in Santa Monica called Mindfulnest. This trek is about 30 miles from my starting point and I estimated that it would take me between one and two hours, each way of […]

One Step At A T...

One Step At A Time

Enjoy Each Baby Step I live on a hill about 1400 feet above sea level. To give an idea of the incline, the city at the bottom of the hill, two miles away, is at approximately 700 feet. I set an intention recently to be more active on a daily basis, so the steep incline […]

A Challenge Presents Opportun...

A Challenge Presents Opportunity

How To Accept A Challenge With An Open Heart & Mind A few months ago, a very motivational friend, Monique Carmona and I decided to challenge each other to do really big things before our next birthdays (we are both pisces). One big challenge that Monique presented me with was hosting a book signing with an audience […]

2013 New Year’s Resoluti...

2013 New Year’s Resolutions

Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions By Making Clear Intentions New Years Resolutions are all about changing our bad habits into good, right? The most common resolutions deal with health: losing more weight; getting into better shape; quitting smoking; eating better; exercising more. But those tasks are daunting. That’s why they are not already being […]

Lesson Lear...

Lesson Learned

The Evolution of our Soul Happens After A Lesson Learned Let’s keep this simple and imagine that I’m baking a cake from scratch. For some reason, every time I follow the recipe exactly, my cake comes out bland and tasteless. I’m not sure why it isn’t coming out right, since I’m following the recipe exactly. […]

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