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Remove blockages and open up to change with Reiki Energy Work by Rozine

ONE-HOUR DISTANCE REIKI SESSION:  Rozine channels energy to you in a powerfully non-invasive and gentle way. Results are often instant and can help heal physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds and blockages. Reiki Distance Healing allows you to receive the benefits of energy work without stopping what you are doing. Reiki can be sent to your home, business, pet, friends, or loved ones. Your needs and wishes will be discussed prior to session.

$75 includes 1-hour distance Reiki session with Rozine

*Travel fee TBD for in-person Reiki sessions.


Have you ever wanted guidance from a life coach?

Intuitive Life Coach Lynnette Rozine Prock is reviewed on Yelp

“My life yesterday nearly fell apart. Yet, no drama, no pouring of tears happened. I smiled at my thoughts and recited my affirmations. This is a BIG step. Usually when my life fall apart (most always over money), I become a wreck and so self-absorbed. Some reason I felt calm amongst the storm. This is real progress. Truly, you have something here. Truly you are a blessing.” ~Brenda R.


“This is amazing, thanks so much! The affirmations really touched me. I also find the materials you have online very helpful.” ~Lisa L.

CUSTOM AFFIRMATIONS: Rozine organizes affirmations in alignment with the chakras. Ancient mantras are used along with color theory techniques to strengthen the power of affirming new thoughts.

Affirmations create confidence and build self-esteem, while breaking down old thought patterns that no longer serve a creative purpose. A one hour phone or Skype session is included to ensure your grandest desires are reflected in your custom affirmations. Instructions on how and when to use are included.

Audio mp3 recordings are available for an additional fee. Your custom affirmations can even be made into a graphic slideshow. Email for more details.

$100 includes over 20 custom-written affirmations by Rozine


THIS.IS.AMAZING! I can’t even express how “on point” it is. I’m so grateful and excited for this vision board. I’m going to try and create one for my husband and daughter too! Thank you thank you! So glad to have you in my “peace and love arsenal”. ~Christina L.

PERSONALIZED VISION BOARD: Rozine sketches images that reflect your grandest goals. Custom illustrations are organized using ancient Feng Shui mapping, creating a Zen atmosphere in this daily spiritual practice. A one hour phone or Skype session is included to ensure your grandest desires are reflected in your dream vision board. Instructions on how and when to use are included.

Your vision board can even be made into a graphic slideshow with a guided meditation. Email for more details.

$100 includes a Feng Shui vision board designed by Rozine


This was a great exercise! It made me realize I am truly much further along than I would have given myself credit for six months ago. Wow! Very empowering. Thank you. :-) ~Christian K.

GOAL TRACKING WORKSHEET: Rozine will provide a personalized To Do list that is reflective of your ultimate goals. A one hour phone or Skype session is included to ensure the tasks are realistic within your current lifestyle. One round of review and updates are included for any adjustments needed after a week in application. Instructions on how and when to use are included.

$150 includes a goal-oriented calendar with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks


I was fortunate enough to have a personal life coaching session with Rozine. JUST WOW. Her tips and insights shifted things for me that I hadn’t noticed needed shifting! She’s so unapologetically optimistic and recognizes the gifts in all things. Tapping into the ideas and perspectives she’s shared with me has generated immediate and MAGICAL feedback from the Universe. ~Nikki B. 

ONE-HOUR COACHING SESSION: Meet with Rozine on the phone or over Skype for a personalized one-hour life coach session. Get motivation and insight in how to better manage your time, money, and efforts. Be inspired and realize that you are capable of manifesting whatever it is you decide to do! Daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins are available. Simply use this area to make payments.

$75 includes one-hour coaching session with Rozine


I just wanted to give a shout out to Rozine. I have only been working with her a short while, but it already has made such an impact in my life. I LOVE my CUSTOM created affirmations & dream tracker and already feel more centered in my life. She is truly inspirational. ~Susan M.

ALL OF THE ABOVE: Save time and money by purchasing all of the above services. You will receive a one-on-one life coach session, over the phone or on Skype. You will be fully prepared to master your daily spiritual practice with custom affirmations, a personalized vision board, and your unique goal-tracking worksheet. Rozine will guide and motivate you to manifest your dreams, in a specific way that speaks best to you.

$300 includes a one-hour coaching session, custom affirmations, vision board, and goal-tracking worksheet


If you are interested in INTUITIVE LIFE COACHING services, simply fill out the form below and purchase one of the customized services. Answer each question in the survey as clearly and thoroughly as you can.

If you are struggling and can agree to some type of payment (financial, bartering of goods or services, etc), you may be eligible for a pay what you can rate for on-going spiritual coaching services. Please be ready to make a commitment to following through with finding your purpose and living your dream.

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