Are you interested in learning how to draw mandalas? Rozine offers both in-person and online mandala workshops, for your convenience. No matter where you are in the world, you can learn Rozine’s techniques for creating graphic mandala artwork.

If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

~Vincent Van Gogh


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Many cultures have used the creation of mandalas to express unity and cosmic truth and for meditative practices for thousands of years. Author and illustrator, Rozine, takes students step by step through drawing and coloring a beautiful, henna-inspired mandala art piece. Gorgeous colored paint pens are used, so there is no need to struggle to master a brush stroke. Artists begin by using pencil to draw their mandala’s basic structure, which is followed by filling in (color blocking) large areas with color(s). Various sized black or white markers are then used to create details and add individual style.  

Although participants are drawing the same basic design, no two mandalas will look the same. Students will find the process, and Rozine’s instructional style, relaxing and meditative.  Rozine uses her background in art and design to explain the symbolism used to create each mandala and instructs attendees on how to develop a mantra based on their artwork.  Students will leave with finished artwork on an 8×10 canvas board, as well as with a basic understanding of color and shape psychology. The mandalas will become treasured souvenirs, reminding artists of their transformational experience.


Having trouble achieving your full potential, or do you need help achieving some specific goals or even defining goals? Author and illustrator, Rozine, leads participants through the process of writing custom affirmations for each of the chakras. Easy-to-follow worksheets ensure equal energy distribution and Rozine’s practical step-by-step directions and examples guide participants to create the beautifully balanced life of their dreams. Rozine demonstrates how to use affirmations to build awareness, confidence, and self-esteem.

Participants are guided to write their own affirmations for each of the chakra energy areas. Students are encouraged to dream big, while writing statements that are realistic to their goals. Rozine shows students how to use the process of creating affirmations to define what it is they really want and to guide them in decision making. This process can be used for overall life direction, as well as for specific goals, such as a work project or a relationship.  Participants will learn how to use this process and adapt their affirmations as they grow and change and will leave feeling empowered and clear about the direction they need to go in order to manifest big dreams.


Having trouble seeing your true purpose and life-path, or need some encouragement and motivation towards further defining and living your wildest dreams? Through a unique process, step-by step instructions, easy-to-follow worksheets and gorgeous examples, author and illustrator, Rozine, guides attendees to create custom vision boards which incorporate all the chakra energy areas.

Rozine also demonstrates how to use vision boards to create balance, as well as build confidence, self-esteem, and awareness. Participants will leave the workshop feeling empowered and clear. Once home, they can refer to the handouts and use Google Image and Pinterest, or other programs, to create a variety of personalized vision boards which they can update as their goals and dreams evolve.


Balance is crucial to happiness and can even be seen as a basic human need – necessary for survival. Need help creating a more efficient work-life balance? Author and illustrator, Rozine, takes students step by step through the process of creating and using customized trackers calendars to develop awareness of imbalance and equilibrium, to create a harmonious work-life balance, develop gratitude, and document growth. Engaging, easy-to-follow materials are used to make sure energy distribution is equal between the chakras.

Participants are guided to outline goals for each of the chakra energy areas. Students are encouraged to dream big, while writing down tasks that are realistic to their goals. Rozine demonstrates how to track daily activities and tasks to build confidence, self-esteem, and awareness. Students will leave the workshop feeling empowered and clear about how their daily thoughts and actions will enable them to the activities tasks they can do on a regular basis in order to manifest big dreams.

To find a class in the Greater Los Angeles Area, join our MeetUp. Spaces are limited… sign up today! If not in LA, choose from several mandala workshops online!

Prices vary by location. To book Rozine for a private Workshop, email

Here’s what students are saying about the class:

“I can’t say it enough times – this class is ssooooo much fun! Bring a smile and Rozine will have you creating beautiful art before you know what hit you : – )” ~Erika Lopez

“Love this course. It’s good for beginners and seasoned artists looking for relaxation or creative inspiration.” ~ Candice

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