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Friends Are the Family We Choose For Oursel...

Friends Are the Family We Choose For Ourselves

Who Are Your Best Friends? Let’s look closely at the friends we choose. Then, let’s bring it back home and look within -evaluating the choices we’ve made, (yes, please take responsibility), about the company we keep. Making a conscious effort to surround ourselves with inspirational and motivational people has tremendous benefit. Having regular moral and emotional support helps us define […]

Hold Yourself Accountable To Big Dre...

Hold Yourself Accountable To Big Dreams

Eight Reasons To Hold Yourself Accountable 1. You Will Discover More Abundance If you compile a list of every little thing throughout the day that is well and right in your life, you’ll soon discover that there is a LOT of wealth and abundance always surrounding you. In order to attract more prosperity, find a notebook or journal and […]

Accountability is Necessary for Succ...

Accountability is Necessary for Success

Do You Need An Accountability Partner? Whether with a partner, team or alone, accountability is necessary for the completion of goals. I can make a list of things to do, stare at it for days, and wonder why my goals are left unfinished — or, I can hold myself accountable to taking steps in the direction […]

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