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Kate Bergeron’s Inspirational Interv...

Kate Bergeron’s Inspirational Interview

Kate Bergeron is a Midwestern girl with dreams too big for the little town where she grew up. When she turned 16, she aged out of the children’s theater program and wasn’t allowed to act anymore. So she directed the play instead. Kate moved to Chicago to study acting, and also fell in love with […]

Ajarae Coleman Inspirational Interv...

Ajarae Coleman Inspirational Interview

Ajarae Coleman is an actress and entrepreneur from Orange, New Jersey. She began her training in the dramatic arts at her alma mater, Harvard University. Recent television credits include: • SCANDAL (ABC) • REVENGE (ABC) • 2 BROKE GIRLS (CBS) • THE McCARTHY’S (CBS) • PERCEPTION (TNT) • HIT THE FLOOR (VH1) • PRIVATE PRACTICE (ABC) • DAYS OF OUR LIVES (NBC). Her […]

Carolina Hoyos Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interv...

Carolina Hoyos Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interview

Carolina Hoyos is a musician and an actor who has not stopped playing her heart out since she was two years old. Before ending her career as a child concert pianist, she developed an interest in acting. Carolina fronted a variety of bands while dabbling with many instruments to find her true sound while moonlighting […]

Batia Parnass Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interv...

Batia Parnass Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interview

Batia Parnass is a professional Stage, Film & Television actress, who began her career at the age of 15. She excels in both Comedy and Drama, and believes one could not exist without the other. Her unique point of view leads her to create rich and compelling characters. A true go-getter, Batia boasts these impressive […]

Katharina Stenbeck Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interv...

Katharina Stenbeck Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interview

Katharina Stenbeck is a multidisciplinary artist from Stockholm, Sweden. With a background in theatre, she trained at acting conservatories in Stockholm and New York City. As a singer, she fronted the Brooklyn-based alternative dance band Folding Legs for several years. The band is known for their exuberant live shows, often incorporating art and performance. As […]

Megan Lane Inspirational Interv...

Megan Lane Inspirational Interview

Inspirational Interview with Actress and Model Megan Lane Megan Lane is an actress and model currently working and residing in Los Angeles, California. She is originally from Madison, Wisconsin then graduated college in Texas. Megan earned her BFA in Theater Performance with an emphasis in Musical Theatre. One thing Megan Lane wishes is for her generation […]

Taren Maroun Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interv...

Taren Maroun Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interview

Inspirational Interview with Taren Maroun Taren Maroun is a visual artist based out of Los Angeles. With a background in theatre and photography, Taren is moved by emotion-driven storytelling. Propelled by her own life experiences, she desires to tell stories that awaken the human spirit to the realities of life. Taren encourages awareness and change, both in thought […]

Inspirational Interview With Yazmin Monet Watk...

Inspirational Interview With Yazmin Monet Watkins

Yazmin Monet Watkins Shares Inspiration in this Exclusive Interview Yazmin Monet Watkins is an internationally touring spoken word poet and actress based out of Los Angeles, California. She has performed everywhere from the Bahamas to London to Paris to New York to California and several places in between. A few of her college shows include […]

Actress Kelly Kula’s Inspirational Interv...

Actress Kelly Kula’s Inspirational Interview

Actress, Kelly Kula, Shares Wisdom In This Inspirational Interview Kelly Kula and I met through mutual friends in Los Angeles, California. We’re both from small towns in the midwest (she’s from Michigan; I’m from Wisconsin). We now share an intimate circle of creative, independent filmmaker friends. She is in the process of developing her dream […]

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