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Get Clear About The Dreams You Want To Material...

Get Clear About The Dreams You Want To Materialize

Vision Boards Help You Get Clear About Aspirations Do you want help putting together a professional looking vision board? I can assist you! • VISIT my intuitive life coaching page • COMPLETE the survey & purchase the service needed Before leaving or closing the browser window, be sure to click to the end and SUBMIT […]

Enjoy Life by Engaging in Exciting Activiti...

Enjoy Life by Engaging in Exciting Activities!

Are you ready to enjoy life? Do you feel obligated to act like a grown-up all of the time? Are you embarrassed to be silly in public? Does life really have to be so serious? • RELEASE the obligation to please others • DO THINGS that make you happy! Children’s imaginations soar because inhibition has […]

Healing At-Risk Teens With Girl Po...

Healing At-Risk Teens With Girl Power

Mentoring With Girl Power This past weekend, I was called to service as a volunteer mentor of inspirational “girl power” through The 24 Foundation. This non-profit organization uses creativity as a catalyst for healing the soul — right up my alley. They work in conjunction with the Sunburst Youth Challenge Academy (SYA) in Los Alamitos, California. SYA […]

Inspirational Interview with Crisp...

Inspirational Interview with Crispina

Crispina Shares Inspiration About How To Manifest Dreams Crispina ffrench is a Used Clothing Alchemist in Pittsfield Massachusetts, and in my opinion, is saving the world one step at a time by successfully pursuing her passion. She recycles used clothing into beautiful new items of apparel, like really cute skirts & t-shirts, picnic blankets, and […]

One Step At A T...

One Step At A Time

Enjoy Each Baby Step I live on a hill about 1400 feet above sea level. To give an idea of the incline, the city at the bottom of the hill, two miles away, is at approximately 700 feet. I set an intention recently to be more active on a daily basis, so the steep incline […]

Inspirational Interview with Mi...

Inspirational Interview with Misty

Inspirational Story Proving Success Is Available To All Misty is a teacher, student, wife, and mother to three amazing boys. Her list of accomplishments is inspirational! She has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education focusing on Middle Childhood; an endorsement in Structured English Immersion; and two Bachelors of Science degrees in Business Administration and Project […]

Finding Your Dream H...

Finding Your Dream Home

Are you already living in your dream home? If you could live anywhere, in any home, where would it be? How would you describe your dream home? Let yourself really go as far into your imagination as possible. Your instincts might encourage you to think about your finances before answering this question. It’s normal to mentally […]

Taking Ri...

Taking Risks

Here’s Why Taking Risks Is Worth It: Isn’t it funny sometimes, how taking risks seems like a crazy idea until we actually do it? As soon as “the big, scary thing” is over, we look back and laugh and say “that wasn’t so bad!” Why, then, do we continue to let fear stop us from […]

Inspirational Interview With Emily Benn...

Inspirational Interview With Emily Bennett

Emily Bennett Shares An Inspirational Interview About Her Life As A Freelance Scenic Artist Emily Bennett was raised in the midwest where the phrase “entertainment industry” was unfamiliar. As she puts it “if you say you want to work in Entertainment and you aren’t from a coast, people look at you like you are crazy.” […]

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