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How To Master Self-Actualizat...

How To Master Self-Actualization

Eight Tips to Master Self-Actualization Self-care is essential to living an enjoyable life, but many times, we exert much of our energy towards helping others feel happy and loved. Activities such as making family meals, coordinating celebrations and taking part in extra-curricular activities help us satisfy the basic human need of belonging. As you can see from the graph […]

Be Grateful For Every Little Bit of L...

Be Grateful For Every Little Bit of Life

8 Every Day Things To Be Grateful For Unfavorable situations happen to every person. It doesn’t matter if someone is good or bad, boring or interesting. Life has a way of challenging us throughout our lives. When I am caught up in unwanted circumstances, instead of focusing on what is missing — I practice gratitude for […]

Erase Fear With Gratitude For What Is G...

Erase Fear With Gratitude For What Is Good

In 2011, I was visiting my husband’s family in Egypt. Our comfortable stay at a five-star hotel in Alexandria quickly turned into a nightmare upon our arrival back to Cairo. That day, January 25th is infamous as the birth of the Egyptian Revolution. Internet and cell phone coverage ceased. Civilians policed the streets with machetes and […]

To Attract Abundance, Practice Gratit...

To Attract Abundance, Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude Throughout the day to Attract Abundance Do you attract abundance? Or do you feel as though you are lacking the people, places or things needed to be happy, healthy, and wise? It can feel like life is out to get you, when that is being recognized. Be the leader of your thoughts and […]

Create Wealth by Practicing Gratit...

Create Wealth by Practicing Gratitude

Discover How Easy It Is For You To Create Wealth Are we too focused on what is missing in life, rather than the love and beauty that surrounds us? Do we believe that it is within our power to create wealth in the world we live in? • DEVELOP awareness for the good in life […]

Inspirational Interview with Musician, Luk...

Inspirational Interview with Musician, Luke J

Musician, Luke J Shares Inspiration in this Exclusive Interview Luke and I met in day care. Yes, that is right, something like thirty years ago! I have known Luke longer than anyone outside of the members of my family. We have road tripped together, been roommates, bandmates, classmates, neighbors, and we have also sometimes gone years without […]

How To Build Confidence In 5 Easy St...

How To Build Confidence In 5 Easy Steps

Confidence in 5 Easy Steps Confidence is a tricky thing. Too much of it and its arrogance. Too little confidence holds us back from achieving our goals. Having just the right amount of confidence gives us the courage to be or do anything! Confidence affects the way other people perceive us, too. Why would someone […]

Keep Track Of Your Go...

Keep Track Of Your Goals

Tracking Your Goals Is A Powerful Tool For Success (an excerpt from Live Life For A Living) We’ve learned extensively about defining your dreams. You’ve meditated, visualized and repeated affirmations. Where’s the progress? It’s hard to see how far you’ve come if there are never any established goals. You can go on the rest of […]

Kat Dawes Offers Insight and Inspirat...

Kat Dawes Offers Insight and Inspiration

Inspirational Interview with NOWism™ Creator, Kat Dawes Kat Dawes first caught my attention during an Agape service, as she vibrantly expressed words of gratitude and inspiration around the brilliant Rev Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. Soon after that experience, my husband bought her “Time and Space Contract” which is an inspirational guide encouraging living in the […]

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