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Kate Bergeron’s Inspirational Interv...

Kate Bergeron’s Inspirational Interview

Kate Bergeron is a Midwestern girl with dreams too big for the little town where she grew up. When she turned 16, she aged out of the children’s theater program and wasn’t allowed to act anymore. So she directed the play instead. Kate moved to Chicago to study acting, and also fell in love with […]

Snappee Creator, Keziah Okonkwo Shares Inspiration in Interv...

Snappee Creator, Keziah Okonkwo Shares Inspiration in Interview

Keziah Okonkwo Shares Inspiration About Creating Hair-Friendly Accessory, Snappee Creator, Keziah Okonkwo, was inspired to create a versatile, hair-friendly accessory to support her natural hair styles but much more a hair tie that would not damage her hair when using it. Between the standard bun for the gym, afros and up-dos for auditions, Keziah had […]

Erase Fear With Gratitude For What Is G...

Erase Fear With Gratitude For What Is Good

In 2011, I was visiting my husband’s family in Egypt. Our comfortable stay at a five-star hotel in Alexandria quickly turned into a nightmare upon our arrival back to Cairo. That day, January 25th is infamous as the birth of the Egyptian Revolution. Internet and cell phone coverage ceased. Civilians policed the streets with machetes and […]

Dream Job Hunting? Find Out How To Find...

Dream Job Hunting? Find Out How To Find It

Are You Taking Steps Towards Making A Living Doing Your Dream Job? I didn’t always know what my dream job was, although for a decade one thing was clear: I wanted to work from home, doing things that I enjoy. Ten years ago, working from home meant stuffing envelopes, manufacturing small toys, or transcribing paperwork for […]

Your Dream Lifestyle Needs Attent...

Your Dream Lifestyle Needs Attention

Are you doing things that accurately reflect your dream lifestyle? Or, are you distracting yourself with activities that simply pass the time? Try to be honest and objective when answering these questions. A Dream Lifestyle Materializes After You Take Deliberate Action I think we would agree that a garden left untended would soon fill with […]

Create Wealth by Practicing Gratit...

Create Wealth by Practicing Gratitude

Discover How Easy It Is For You To Create Wealth Are we too focused on what is missing in life, rather than the love and beauty that surrounds us? Do we believe that it is within our power to create wealth in the world we live in? • DEVELOP awareness for the good in life […]

Inspirational Interview with Musician, Luk...

Inspirational Interview with Musician, Luke J

Musician, Luke J Shares Inspiration in this Exclusive Interview Luke and I met in day care. Yes, that is right, something like thirty years ago! I have known Luke longer than anyone outside of the members of my family. We have road tripped together, been roommates, bandmates, classmates, neighbors, and we have also sometimes gone years without […]

Believe In Your Dreams, Then Take the Necessary Acti...

Believe In Your Dreams, Then Take the Necessary Actions

Who are your heroes? What personality types inspire you to believe in your dreams? The people who motivate me, demonstrate two behaviors:  • BELIEF in their dreams • ACTIONS towards their goals Believing in aspirations and goals is the first step towards manifesting big dreams. If results are thought of as unlikely, why would anyone […]

Expansion Leads To More Abunda...

Expansion Leads To More Abundance

An Expansion Takes Place When Forward Action Is Taken In a town called Anywhere, USA, lives a farmer named Jack. He has big dreams of expansion, providing his neighbors with delicious apples on a daily basis. He envisions having an abundance of fruit, allowing him to provide apples to every person in the world. It’s […]

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