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Annie Motel’s Inspirational Interv...

Annie Motel’s Inspirational Interview

Annie Motel is a real life good witch tattoo artist at One Way Tattoos in Los Angeles. She has a BFA from the University of Washington in drawing and painting. She loves Old Hollywood, Palm trees, and wearing all black all day every day.   She is currently directing her first short film, “Tabloid Blvd,” […]

Carolina Hoyos Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interv...

Carolina Hoyos Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interview

Carolina Hoyos is a musician and an actor who has not stopped playing her heart out since she was two years old. Before ending her career as a child concert pianist, she developed an interest in acting. Carolina fronted a variety of bands while dabbling with many instruments to find her true sound while moonlighting […]

Postpartum Doula Inspirational Interv...

Postpartum Doula Inspirational Interview

What used to be called a baby nurse is now known as a postpartum doula. After a baby is born, new mothers and fathers can receive emotional and practical support from postpartum doulas like Kathleen Sullivan. Kathleen is a non-judgmental woman with a quiet presence available to parents in Southern California for breastfeeding support and […]

Natalie Vartanian Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interv...

Natalie Vartanian Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interview

Natalie Vartanian, ACC, CPCC is a tarot reader, certified life coach, sex, love & relationship expert, teacher, writer, dancer and modern day gypsy! Her mission is to inspire people to dream big and take the risks toward their most fun, free, love and adventure-filled lives — in and out of the bedroom. Her work has […]

Batia Parnass Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interv...

Batia Parnass Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interview

Batia Parnass is a professional Stage, Film & Television actress, who began her career at the age of 15. She excels in both Comedy and Drama, and believes one could not exist without the other. Her unique point of view leads her to create rich and compelling characters. A true go-getter, Batia boasts these impressive […]

Katharina Stenbeck Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interv...

Katharina Stenbeck Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interview

Katharina Stenbeck is a multidisciplinary artist from Stockholm, Sweden. With a background in theatre, she trained at acting conservatories in Stockholm and New York City. As a singer, she fronted the Brooklyn-based alternative dance band Folding Legs for several years. The band is known for their exuberant live shows, often incorporating art and performance. As […]

Nina Rubin Inspirational Interv...

Nina Rubin Inspirational Interview

As a Gestalt Life Coach, Nina Rubin weaves a vast array of coaching experience with Gestalt Therapy, concentrating on the here and now. She works collaboratively with clients to heighten awareness of feelings, sensations, breathing, non-verbal and habitual patterns to help you learn more about yourself, including the areas where you thrive and struggle.   […]

Stasha Health Catalyst Inspirational Interv...

Stasha Health Catalyst Inspirational Interview

Inspirational Interview with Creator of Stasha Health Catalyst Stasha is the founder of Stasha Health Catalyst. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach thru the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is a school that teaches over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and cutting-edge coaching methods. She has learned from top experts in the field of health […]

Megan Lane Inspirational Interv...

Megan Lane Inspirational Interview

Inspirational Interview with Actress and Model Megan Lane Megan Lane is an actress and model currently working and residing in Los Angeles, California. She is originally from Madison, Wisconsin then graduated college in Texas. Megan earned her BFA in Theater Performance with an emphasis in Musical Theatre. One thing Megan Lane wishes is for her generation […]

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