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Inspirational Interview with Crisp...

Inspirational Interview with Crispina

Crispina Shares Inspiration About How To Manifest Dreams Crispina ffrench is a Used Clothing Alchemist in Pittsfield Massachusetts, and in my opinion, is saving the world one step at a time by successfully pursuing her passion. She recycles used clothing into beautiful new items of apparel, like really cute skirts & t-shirts, picnic blankets, and […]

Live Purposefu...

Live Purposefully

Do Away With Blind Submission; Live Purposefully! Last week, I had an appointment to drop off my three books at a cute little boutique in Santa Monica called Mindfulnest. This trek is about 30 miles from my starting point and I estimated that it would take me between one and two hours, each way of […]

One Step At A T...

One Step At A Time

Enjoy Each Baby Step I live on a hill about 1400 feet above sea level. To give an idea of the incline, the city at the bottom of the hill, two miles away, is at approximately 700 feet. I set an intention recently to be more active on a daily basis, so the steep incline […]

Inspirational Interview with Mi...

Inspirational Interview with Misty

Inspirational Story Proving Success Is Available To All Misty is a teacher, student, wife, and mother to three amazing boys. Her list of accomplishments is inspirational! She has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education focusing on Middle Childhood; an endorsement in Structured English Immersion; and two Bachelors of Science degrees in Business Administration and Project […]

Inspirational Interview with Freelance Photographer Ryan Hod...

Inspirational Interview with Freelance Photographer Ryan Hodges

How To Be Successful As A Freelance Photographer I love looking at photography. Let me be more clear. My heart and mind align in wonder when my eyes are staring at a great photograph. There is something magical about capturing a moment in time that will never exist again. One of my favorite Facebook fan […]

We Are All Reflections Of One Anot...

We Are All Reflections Of One Another

Reflections Of Myself Through Friends You know the old saying “birds of a feather flock together”? It seems to be very true for me. I’m finding that the qualities that I am attracted to in my friends, are actually the characteristics that I like about myself. People’s pet peeves are also reflections of my insecurities […]

Inspirational Interview with Candice A...

Inspirational Interview with Candice Afia

Candice Afia: Wanting to be all that God created her to be. Way back when, in a cold place, far, far away, my husband and I were considering moving from Chicago to Los Angeles. We did a lot of research, including hours of google street-viewing. We also reached out to people we knew who had […]

Your Opinion Is The One That Matt...

Your Opinion Is The One That Matters

Do You Give Your Opinion The Respect It Deserves? We all want to be loved, admired, respected, and cared about. It’s a basic human need. This desire encourages communities and families. Being together in a group helps accomplish great deeds. Imagine if one person attempted to build a skyscraper alone, without any help from others. […]

Quiet The M...

Quiet The Mind

With all the noise in the world, how can one Quiet The Mind? It’s not always easy to find peace when the world around us is spewing bad news, complaints, or negative perspectives. I am here to share some good news: you can find peace! No matter what is going on around you, it can […]

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