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Kalawna Biggs Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interv...

Kalawna Biggs Shares Inspiration In Exclusive Interview

Kalawna (Kay-Lawn-ah) Biggs is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, psychic clairvoyant & spiritual teacher. She regularly takes large groups on guided meditations building their inner strengths and opening them up to receive miracles. Kalawna make CD’s for personal growth and has free meditations on YouTube. Kalawna has designed a cosmetic line that is organic and environmentally responsible called […]

Intuition Can Be Developed With Pract...

Intuition Can Be Developed With Practice

At a very young age, my mom encouraged my psychic intuition. She taught me how to believe in foretelling and observing life in such a way that patterns became easily detected. We used to communicate to each other without using words, and then finish each other’s sentences. As a teen, I discovered dream-walking theories from a […]

Marcella Kroll Inspirational Interv...

Marcella Kroll Inspirational Interview

Marcella Kroll is a Professional Psychic, Life Coach, Artist, & High Priestess of the Metaphysical Arts. Marcella has been practicing her gifts for 19 years. She works in private practice with clients all over the world and is a program director for the Los Angeles Public Library leading public classes for teens on Tarot and […]

Get Clear About The Dreams You Want To Material...

Get Clear About The Dreams You Want To Materialize

Vision Boards Help You Get Clear About Aspirations Do you want help putting together a professional looking vision board? I can assist you! • VISIT my intuitive life coaching page • COMPLETE the survey & purchase the service needed Before leaving or closing the browser window, be sure to click to the end and SUBMIT […]

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