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Get Clear About The Dreams You Want To Material...

Get Clear About The Dreams You Want To Materialize

Vision Boards Help You Get Clear About Aspirations Do you want help putting together a professional looking vision board? I can assist you! • VISIT my intuitive life coaching page • COMPLETE the survey & purchase the service needed Before leaving or closing the browser window, be sure to click to the end and SUBMIT […]

Expansion Leads To More Abunda...

Expansion Leads To More Abundance

An Expansion Takes Place When Forward Action Is Taken In a town called Anywhere, USA, lives a farmer named Jack. He has big dreams of expansion, providing his neighbors with delicious apples on a daily basis. He envisions having an abundance of fruit, allowing him to provide apples to every person in the world. It’s […]

Inspirational Interview with Crisp...

Inspirational Interview with Crispina

Crispina Shares Inspiration About How To Manifest Dreams Crispina ffrench is a Used Clothing Alchemist in Pittsfield Massachusetts, and in my opinion, is saving the world one step at a time by successfully pursuing her passion. She recycles used clothing into beautiful new items of apparel, like really cute skirts & t-shirts, picnic blankets, and […]

Five Tactics To Help Overcome F...

Five Tactics To Help Overcome Fear

I spoke briefly of fear being imagined in this blog post and mentioned some tactics I use to overcome my own fears. Before I get into it, have you recognized and acknowledge where you’re own imagined thoughts about fear are holding you back? That really needs to happen before applying these tips. Are you ready? […]

Give Yourself Permission To Say ...

Give Yourself Permission To Say Yes

Where could you open up and give yourself permission? We all have creative ideas. We dream of writing novels, or playing sold-out shows in huge arenas. Or maybe we just dream of a entire day, filled with friends and family. Everyone is smiling, laughing, or hugging. We all have those types of thoughts that make […]

Heaven On Ea...

Heaven On Earth

How would you define Heaven? Historically, Heaven is this mythical place where we may go to when we die. It has been used by many religions as a source of motivation to encourage people to be decent human beings. The idea is that if we live a life devoted to a higher calling, doing only […]

Inspirational Interview With Emily Benn...

Inspirational Interview With Emily Bennett

Emily Bennett Shares An Inspirational Interview About Her Life As A Freelance Scenic Artist Emily Bennett was raised in the midwest where the phrase “entertainment industry” was unfamiliar. As she puts it “if you say you want to work in Entertainment and you aren’t from a coast, people look at you like you are crazy.” […]

Compassion Is Understand...

Compassion Is Understanding

Compassion Only Works With An Open Mind Here I am writing this blog and selling my book that encourages a certain lifestyle. I promote living a life of positive thinking and compassion. I want people to follow their dreams and listen to their instincts. I have discovered some important findings in my own journey that […]

Inspirational Interview With Eva Ting...

Inspirational Interview With Eva Tingley

Inspirational Interview With Eva Tingley “Live Life For A Living” is an inspirational guide to help encourage people to break free from society’s conditioning in order to pursue their dreams. It’s written from the perspective of an artist who’s turned her hobby into a career. That’d be me. While I’ve offered my own personal insights, […]

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