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Life Affirmations Inspirational Interv...

Life Affirmations Inspirational Interview

I am pleased to introduce you to creator of Life Affirmations, Alena. She is a 25 year old woman from Germany who wants to travel the world and bring joy to as many people as possible. She has a great passion for plant-based nutrition, music, design, yoga, nature, health and self-development. Her highest priority is […]

Ayman Samman Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interv...

Ayman Samman Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interview

This week’s inspirational interview features a wonderful being, my husband, Ayman Samman. He is an actor (writer, director, producer, stand-up comedian & a really great cook). In 2014, Ayman Samman appeared in Clint Eastwood’s movie, American Sniper. I asked him to share his amazing experiences regarding chasing the dream and making it… Here it is: […]

Unique Expressi...

Unique Expressions

8 Ways to Honor Your Unique Expressions Read through these 8 Ways to Honor Your Unique Expression. Get a clear visual of how you can better honor your unique self. Hold yourself accountable to being an individual. Build self-awareness for times when you may inadvertently go with the crowd. By devoting your time and energy to your […]

Look Within to Find Answ...

Look Within to Find Answers

How often do you look within to find answers? The other day I was visiting with a dear friend. I noticed that she was focused heavily on things that were annoying her. So-and-so was being hurtful towards her, another person caused her frustration. There was a lot of finger pointing at external circumstances which were making […]

Niki Saccareccia Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interv...

Niki Saccareccia Shares Inspiration in Exclusive Interview

Niki Saccareccia is a Los Angeles based yoga teacher, author and behavior therapist using the body-mind model to remind everyone to chill out and connect to our innate healing intelligence. If she isn’t geeking over some facet of human anatomy or distilling an inspired tome of philosophy, she is probably hiking, writing or listening to […]

Dream Job Hunting? Find Out How To Find...

Dream Job Hunting? Find Out How To Find It

Are You Taking Steps Towards Making A Living Doing Your Dream Job? I didn’t always know what my dream job was, although for a decade one thing was clear: I wanted to work from home, doing things that I enjoy. Ten years ago, working from home meant stuffing envelopes, manufacturing small toys, or transcribing paperwork for […]

The Importance of a Success T...

The Importance of a Success Team

Are friends and family holding you back… or supporting your dreams? During my childhood, I had very little support from the family members in my broken home. I learned early on to survive by fending for myself. Throughout my teenage and young adult years, I found myself surrounded by self-destructive people who had low self-esteem. Even if […]

Heidi Easley Inspirational Interv...

Heidi Easley Inspirational Interview

Inspirational Interview with Heidi Easley Heidi Easley is a painter, entrepreneur, busy mom to a beautiful daughter Pixie and wife of 17 years to wonderful husband Bobby. Her love for God, family & of course… ART keep her going! Back in 2007, her family lost their home and cars along with their pride and had […]

Pursue Passion, Live Your Dre...

Pursue Passion, Live Your Dreams

If You Pursue Passion, Your Dream Can Come True It may seem obvious & silly to affirm “My skills and talents are uniquely my own!” But dig deeper… are you truly honoring the gifts that are within you? Maybe you have an idea for an invention that you believe is brilliant, but you think that no one […]

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