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Inspirational Interview with Crisp...

Inspirational Interview with Crispina

Crispina Shares Inspiration About How To Manifest Dreams Crispina ffrench is a Used Clothing Alchemist in Pittsfield Massachusetts, and in my opinion, is saving the world one step at a time by successfully pursuing her passion. She recycles used clothing into beautiful new items of apparel, like really cute skirts & t-shirts, picnic blankets, and […]

Live Purposefu...

Live Purposefully

Do Away With Blind Submission; Live Purposefully! Last week, I had an appointment to drop off my three books at a cute little boutique in Santa Monica called Mindfulnest. This trek is about 30 miles from my starting point and I estimated that it would take me between one and two hours, each way of […]

Your Opinion Is The One That Matt...

Your Opinion Is The One That Matters

Do You Give Your Opinion The Respect It Deserves? We all want to be loved, admired, respected, and cared about. It’s a basic human need. This desire encourages communities and families. Being together in a group helps accomplish great deeds. Imagine if one person attempted to build a skyscraper alone, without any help from others. […]

Lesson Lear...

Lesson Learned

The Evolution of our Soul Happens After A Lesson Learned Let’s keep this simple and imagine that I’m baking a cake from scratch. For some reason, every time I follow the recipe exactly, my cake comes out bland and tasteless. I’m not sure why it isn’t coming out right, since I’m following the recipe exactly. […]

Inspirational Interview with Sara Ly...

Inspirational Interview with Sara Lynch

Inspirational Interview with Sara Lynch Sara Lynch was born and raised in Potsdam, a small college town in the extreme north of New York State. Her father is a math professor who stares at the ceiling for hours to solve his equations. Her mother is a writer who is currently working on a book. From […]

My Dreams Mat...

My Dreams Matter

Here’s why you should say out loud: My Dreams Matter! Please know that while I encourage you to break free from society’s standards I am not promoting anarchy, total selfishness or disregard for others. The idea is to stop doing what others expect of you, and to get back in touch with your true being […]

Learn To Listen To Your Instin...

Learn To Listen To Your Instincts

Instincts Are A Magical Gift Inherent To Us All! Let’s take a moment to think about an animal’s life. Do animals wake up at 6:00 am because they have to be somewhere by 8:00? Do they think, “Oh, it’s 10:00 pm. That’s my bedtime! I had better go to sleep.” That is silly and absurd. […]

Inspirational Interview With Artist, Cappy ...

Inspirational Interview With Artist, Cappy Sue

Cappy Sue Shares Her Inspiration With My Dreams Matter Cappy Sue is an artist that paints mostly from her dreams and what she calls “just a whackado imagination.” She told me that for her, creating is as important as the need to eat, or sleep. Cappy Sue’s goal is to create something that either makes […]

Find Happiness By Listening To Your Instin...

Find Happiness By Listening To Your Instincts

The Answer Is Within You. Are You Listening? Don’t ignore prompts from your body telling you to make a change in your environment. Your body will tell you everything you need in order to find peace. Stop ignoring the signals! They are the key to your true happiness. They are the answer you’ve always searched […]

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