Work-Life Balance Guide Online Course

A Special Invitation for People Who Want To Do It All

Do you struggle with work-life balance? Time is a real issue for ambitious people. From climbing the ladder in our careers to juggling spouse and kids’ extra-curricular activities, those of us seeking true work-life balance can find ourselves easily overwhelmed.

Creating a harmonious lifestyle can be challenging. Have you been encouraged to “be realistic”? Have you been treated as if your dreams and goals are meaningless or silly?

I can relate. I have a similar story.


What is Work-Life Balance?

You probably have your own ideas about what work-life balance looks like. That’s great! Your happiest lifestyle circumstances depend on you understanding what it is that makes you happy. I can’t decide your life choices for you, nor would I want that responsibility. I’m here to help you figure out what work-life balance means to you.

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” ~Dolly Parton

My life in Southern California as an inspirational author and artist, is a far cry from my impoverished and abusive childhood in rural Wisconsin. I found solace and the help I needed through art, music, and books. Throughout my childhood I was told art was a hobby, not a profession. Despite being reminded of “starving artists” and “unemployed writers,” I could never deny my one-true-love: creative expression.

Now, I am a published author, henna tattoo artist, motivational speaker, and an Intuitive Life Coach. I made a special point of studying ways to make a living doing what I love, from anywhere in the world. But, that’s just my dream. The beauty of this course is that you get to define your dream lifestyle.

It is my mission to enable others to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

This is why I’m so delighted to bring you The Work-Life Balance Guide Online Course. I crafted this course to serve as a hands-on resource for developing a harmonious and balanced lifestyle in a world that is often chaotic, unpredictable, and even volatile.

During your growth, challenges may arise from our cultural training to fit in and give up on your dreams. I want to provide on-going support and tools meant to sustain you through the long-haul. This is not a plan for overnight success, nor is there an easy answer. You will have to work hard for success—at first. Like any new skill learned in life, the more you practice, the easier it will become.


Ambitious and inspired people usually make lifelong goals in only a few of the following areas:

  • Financial Security
  • Expanded Learning
  • Social Interactions
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Professional Career
  • Creative Expression
  • Material Gain
  • Romantic Relationships

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In my experience, creating Work-Life Balance requires distributing time and energy to each area equally. This online course contains strategies and practices to help balance activities and achieve goals. In The Work-Life Balance Guide Online Course, I will be sharing with you the most powerful practice I know to manifest a dream lifestyle.


Highly motivated and inspired people are the ones who materialize the impossible into reality.


Go-getters and Goal-Diggers can make big differences in local communities and in the world. Your “silly” idea or “unrealistic” business plan could actually have a huge impact. But—not if it is never pursued. Your ideas are unique to you. Even if a thousand others expressed the same desire that you have—each outcome would be entirely different. Besides, I fully believe you are entitled to enjoy your life’s expression to its fullest.

You are not “crazy” for wanting success. Once you learn to manage time and energy distribution, you will witness the unfolding of your wildest dreams.

I hope you will join me on this journey to create harmonious work-life balance!


Work Life Balance Guide Online Course


Areas You Will Evaluate

During this course, you will learn dynamic practices to help distribute time and energy more efficiently—creating harmonious balance throughout the following areas:

work life balance financial security wealth money rich wealthy mindset


Receive tips to help vanquish debt, enabling a more generous and convenient lifestyle.

work life balance social interactions networking travel communications


Learn how to hold yourself accountable to an inspired and supportive success team.

work-life balance professional career life path confidence talent expert


Determine how to master your innate abilities and be called on for your expertise.

work-life balance material gain legacy reputation passion


Grasp how easy it can be to materialize everything needed for success in
every moment.

work-life balance expanded learning books study wisdom enlightenment


Find the best ways to understand intelligent wisdom and intuitive insight.

work-life balance healthy lifestyle healing nutrition exercise vitality


Discover skills to help fight inactivity
and/or poor nutrition.

work life balance creative expression ideas inventions solutions


Uncover inventive ways to overcome challenges and generate new ideas.

work life balance intimate relationships romance intimacy family nurture


Unearth clues to nurture loving,
familial relationships.


Work Life Balance Guide Online Course

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Meet Your Work-Life Balance Coach

Lynnette Rozine Prock of My Dreams Matter by Lesley Bohm Photography

© Lesley Bohm Photography

Lynnette Rozine Prock, is a life coach and public speaker in Southern California, is the author of Live Life For A Living and a Lifetime Member of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. She has mentored students and guests of Warner Brothers Entertainment, Aurora Healthcare, Synergy Quantum Academies, and FREDtalks in Santa Monica.

Rozine is a published author of expressive therapy workbooks and inspirational guides, including: Live Life for a Living, Quiet the Mind, Know Your Self, Energize Your Life, Mandala Meditation, My Dreams Matter. As well as the coloring book series: Color Majestic Birds, Color Sea Life, and Color Sugar Skulls. She teaches several art therapy workshops, online and in person and has thousands of print-on-demand products for sale at her Zazzle e-commerce store. Her work has been recognized by The Best of Los Angeles Awards. In 2017, she painted a large-scale mural near The House of Blues at the Anaheim GardenWalk. She regularly generates income as a henna tattoo artist and enjoys her non-conventional lifestyle.


Work Life Balance Guide Online Course

Complete Work Life Balance Guide Online Course

PLUS—Included in The Work-Life Balance Guide Online Course:

Coloring Pages: Access to dozens of free downloadable coloring pages, best used for centering thoughts and relieving stress.

Goal Tracking Worksheet for Complete Work Life Balance

Positive Affirmations for Complete Work Life Balance

Journal and Calendar: Write statements that reflect accomplished goals, make to-do lists, take actions and keep track of progress.

Self-Help Prompted Journal Energize Your Life Heart Chakra Healing Energy Healthy Lifestyle All age art therapy activity workbookInspirational Guide Entrepreneur

Special 4-Book Bonus: Receive PDF versions of Live Life For A Living, Quiet the Mind, Energize Your Life, and Know Your Self.

Work Life Balance Guide Online Course

Individual Courses

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