You’re invited to explore several options for online and in-person workshops led and created by author and artist, Lynnette Rozine Prock.

Complete Work Life Balance Guide Online Course


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Positive Affirmations for Complete Work Life BalanceHaving trouble achieving your full potential, or do you need help achieving some specific goals or even defining goals? Author and illustrator, Rozine, leads participants through the process of writing custom affirmations for the success of all-dreams-coming-true. Easy-to-follow worksheets encourage self-awareness and accountability. Rozine’s practical step-by-step directions and examples guide participants to create the beautifully balanced life of their dreams. Rozine demonstrates how to practice affirmations on a daily basis and offers examples of her own success with this exercise.

Participants are guided to write their own affirmations for eight areas of life that combine create harmonious work-life balance. Students are encouraged to dream big, while writing statements that are realistic to their goals. Rozine shows students how to use the process of creating affirmations to define what it is they really want and to guide them in decision making. This process can be used for overall life direction, as well as for specific goals, such as a work project or a relationship.  Participants will learn how to use this process and adapt their affirmations as they grow and change and will leave feeling empowered and clear about the direction they need to go in order to manifest big dreams.



Vision Board Building for Complete Work Life BalanceHaving trouble seeing your true purpose and life-path, or need some encouragement and motivation reassuring your dreams can come true? Through a unique visualization process, Rozine, guides attendees to create custom vision boards which incorporate all of their dreams already being true.

Rozine also demonstrates how to use vision boards to create balance, as well as build confidence, self-esteem, and awareness. Participants will leave the workshop feeling excited to pursue their true life calling. Once home, they can refer to the handouts and use Google Image and Pinterest, or other programs, to create a variety of personalized vision boards which they can update as their goals and dreams evolve.



Goal Tracking Worksheet for Complete Work Life BalanceBalance is crucial to happiness and can even be seen as a basic human need – necessary for survival. Need help creating a more efficient work-life balance? Author and illustrator, Rozine, takes students step-by-step through the process of creating and using customized weekly calendars to develop awareness of time and energy distribution. Document growth with this calendar in order to create a harmonious work-life balance. Engaging, easy-to-follow materials are used to make goals are defined clearly and realistically.

Participants are guided to outline ambitions for eight areas of life. Students are encouraged to dream big, while writing down tasks that are realistic to their goals. Rozine demonstrates how to track daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities. Students will leave the workshop with an understanding of how thoughts and action are combined to create a harmonious lifestyle.


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